Todd Suddeth
By Jaelyn Koueviakoe

Todd Suddeth
Director, OSU Multicultural Center

Todd Suddeth grew up in Northeast Ohio. He learned from his mentor what he wanted to become as he got older; he wanted to become a executive director to help young adults become leaders. Mr. Suddeth engages and communicates with young adults to provide intellectual, multidisciplinary, and administrative leadership. Mr. Suddeth serves as an Executive Director to help young adults pursue their dreams. I think that is really cool of Todd Suddeth because that can help many people.

Todd Suddeth believes the main issue or problem between cultures in Columbus is the rising tension. Mr. Suddeth feels that if we didn’t have the tension in Columbus, all of us could and would be connected with each other. He also says there is too much miscommunication in Columbus. I asked Mr. Suddeth if he felt his culture ever caused a “collision” in any way that put him in a situation where he felt responsible the conflict. His response was no, “Because if you’re empowered that can stop any type of collision”.

Mr. Suddeth said, “We need to just work together as a team and communicate with each other the right way instead of not listening to each other and miscommunicating with them and not accepting their opinions.” Mr. Suddeth says we need to stop pulling apart from each other and stay together as one, with communication. Todd thinks that we need to learn how to communicate the right way and understand each other. Also, we need to be able to understand our cultures, the good and the bad parts.


Something I will do to help solve this problem is talking with people and to try my best to understand where they are coming from. I think communicating will help because people would feel more welcome and comfortable coming into a community that may or may not be different than what they are used to. Also, it is important for all of us to communicate because we should try to be more open, try to be more courageous, and try to be more understandable of all.

Mr. Suddeth believes we can help stop tensions in Columbus with communication. We need to communicate with each other and understand our differences between one another. Mr. Suddeth tries to help stop the tensions in Columbus by communicating with young adults. He believes he can help them become great, independent, and strong leaders. What Mr. Suddeth does is amazing because there are not many people who are open and understanding of others like he is. I appreciate Mr. Suddeth’s effort to help stop the tensions in Columbus. Mr. Suddeth and I both agree that communication is very important to each and everyone of us and if we try to communicate with one another, we can all work together as one and fight the tensions we have in Columbus.