Stephanie Bridges
By Patricia Swisher

Stephanie Bridges
Author, Songwriter

Stephanie Bridges is a young writer, with an amazing way with words. She lives at home and owns nine dogs. She tries to be open and accepting of every person for who they are. Most of her writing is about racism and the acceptance of others. Her stories are truly a masterpiece that move her readers. Stephanie is a very kind and caring person with a splendid personality. Bridges is very good at holding a meaningful conversation about topics that might make some uncomfortable. I felt connected in our thoughts as we spoke. Stephanie Bridges is the author of “Keep the Peace”. Her book is a collection of stories from women ages 6-60. All of the short stories are about their experiences with bullying. Stephanie Bridges is currently writing about what is going on in the Columbus area communities, and how to improve culture collisions in these communities. Stephanie Bridges thinks there are quite a few problems between cultures in Columbus. She says that everyone is trying to assimilate and become somebody they are not. People are losing the knowledge and connection to their personal culture, that they are forgetting what their ancestors celebrated and acted like.  

 Bridges says that everyone needs to embrace their own and other peoples cultures and to keep an open mind, that we need to see others as brothers and sisters, and that we need to accept others for who they are what they believe in.

Stephanie states that African Americans are set apart and not included in our community. She says that people in Ohio are quite bland , everyone is trying to fit on and be like everybody else. Stephanie likes the idea of standing out and putting your differences out there for the world to see. She respects people who are brave and not care what others have to say about them.

In conclusion , Stephanie thinks that everyone should embrace their differences and respect others differences. I agree with this and think everyone else should too. Being able to accept someone for who they are or what they are can be is a difficult task. Humans cannot help but judge. It is our nature to do that, and it is completely normal. We look at someone and we cannot help but notice all of the negatives about someone, with the positives coming much later. I hope that we can accept one another for who we are. This can make a difference for all of us.