Solomon Ayalew
By Julian Dupuy

Solomon Ayalew
Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services

Being born in East Africa, Solomon Ayalew is a great man. He moved to America and joined the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services. This job would put him in touch with tons of great and different people. I interviewed him with my colleague Freyja Hanshaw on Tuesday, February 20,2018 and all of the above was true, he was also really down-to-earth and we got along with him easily. This was fitting since his role at ETSS is that of a mentor to teens and young adults. Overall, Solomon Ayalew is working to make Ohio a better place by mentoring the future of Columbus’ kids.

According to Solomon, the main problem between cultures is difference. By no means does this mean we should all be the same, difference is wonderful and amazing. It’s just that, from an outside standpoint, people seem so different that it seems impossible to relate to them. Obviously, if you try you can relate to anybody because they’re human just like you, and they have the same feelings you do. Solomons point is that “anytime you’re different you have to deal with conflict”, and I agree.

With that being said, fear is not necessary. We aren’t as different as we think.  Solomon works with many people of all races and, from experience, he concluded that all we need is more exposure. What he means is that a gathering of racial groups would help them realize we’re not so different . We need to realize we’re all human and gather together as one race, the human race.

In conclusion, Solomon Ayalew is a bold, hardworking individual. His work is helping Columbus to be a better place for all. The work he does for ETSS is crucial and he deserves to be respected for it. Solomon is helping us all by molding the youths to improve our future.