Pedro Mejia
By Scout Back

Pedro Mejia helps immigrants get good jobs and nice apartments.

He wants people to understand that immigrants come to Columbus to have more options for jobs. Pedro thinks that to have courageous conversations we should step out of our comfort zones and befriend people.  He thinks that we should learn to understand them before we jump to conclusions about them. He thinks we should cheerfully welcome them with open arms, as they are guests in Columbus.

Pedro Mejja works at the Columbus Department of Neighbors to help immigrants find good high-paying jobs and nice apartments.  Many of the immigrants of America live in Columbus. He wants to help them all have a good life in Columbus. He knows how difficult life in Guatemala can be for people in the lower classes and that is his motivation to make Columbus better.

Pedro has been to Washington and to Guatemala, and has seen the way others are treated. For this reason, he wants to help people and he wants to improve how people treat others who are different from themselves.  

I think I can help the community by having courageous conversations, raising awareness, and just stepping out of my comfort zone to meet new people. To me, courageous conversation means being brave enough to talk about things others might not agree with me on, and explaining my reason to others.