Nia Richardson
By Carine Edorh

Nia Richardson
Youth Community Organizer
Graham School Student

Nia Richardson is in a organization that she help start named The Voices Unheard. She attends Columbus State Community College and she is now attending The Graham School as a junior. It all started, one summer day she at home and her mom told her to do something and she ended up going to the YMCA and realized things in Columbus aren’t good as she thought so she started her organization. She likes to be involved with things that deal with diversity that’s why she wanted to help make a difference.

Nia thinks the current climate in Columbus is not what it needs to be. One example of this is, she helps people who’s gone to juvy or is in it and she helps them work out their anger and just has fun with them. For some people, this creates additional challenges when they are already struggling to get by.

Nia says that if we join together than we’d all be fair and be happy and that with so much anger we’re not gonna get anywhere with all of that.

NIa also mentioned when she visited Juvenile Justice, it was filled with Blacks, mostly because most Black people’s parents leave them, so they have nobody to look up to and they get into much more trouble than expected. She wants to be part of an environment that has a lot of racial diversity.

Nia offered some great advice. She mentioned you should try to choose a job that helps with diversity and helps our community. She says that we’re lucky to have events like these that get us involved and let people join together to talk about serious issues. We should try to not let cultural issues bother us and instead let the small events like this bring us closer together. Talking to others helps us broaden our horizons. That it’s good to start now than later or else it’ll be too late.

One thing I’d do to help solve the problem of cultures colliding is to try to tell people about our current climate and to not judge people by the way they look. We should be nice to people, choose a career that helps with diversity, and listen to the advice that Nia gave.