Naki Akarobettoe
By Chloe Hall

Naki Akarobettoe
Spoken word poet
Teacher at The Graham School

Naki Akarobettoe was born in Columbus, Ohio she wrote her first poem when she was 12 years old, or in the 8th grade. She attended the University of Toledo in 2002, where she met her mentor Rane Arroyo in 2004. She co-founded D.E.E.P (Deep Empowering Enhancing poets through poetry), a student organization helping with youth development and youth arts at work.

Some main problems between cultures in Columbus is that we are not bonding together. She said, “we were not born to be slaves to a system”, and “ I want to see my people, God’s people, our people, the world’s people, to tap into the well of resiliency and experience freedom beyond financial bondage”. This means that she wants to see us bond together all the time, not only when it comes to selfish reasons.

Some solutions to these problems are that we can try to talk to each other and join together. One way she helps is that she has a youth program and youth development with the goal of teaching students to “use their voice” and to improve the lives of individuals within the community.

Naki Akarobettoe is a poet who works at the Graham School and wants to inspire people to do what they love to do.