Michael Stinziano
By Kevin Hairston

Michael Stinziano
Columbus City Council Member

Michael Stinziano is a city council member for Columbus, Ohio.  He was born right here in Columbus. His parents worked in public service. Being a city council member means you give people a space to discuss their problems.  He also holds weekly community hours. He thinks everybody’s ideas are equally important. He makes Columbus a better place because he solves local problems in the community.Overall I think he is a nice guy that should be respected. He should be honored by the city. He should also have a statue for him in Franklin Park.

Michael thinks the problem in our city is the level of engagement in our community. He thinks that people don’t care what they do.  Some people litter, some people don’t help clean but they just make our city more dirty. Some people just destroy people’s property.

Michael think the solution is to try to get people to help clean up and help people whose property is destroyed . He also decides if the city should put in new stuff like curbs, street lights and stop signs.  He also thinks that if we treat Columbus better, more people would want to come live in our city. We should also clean the schools and parks to make them look nice for everybody.

Some problems I think that are still out there are racial profiling and killing or arresting people for no reason.We can fix this by not trying to engage the situation. Hopefully Michael can help with this problem.