Megan Garbe
By Sage Hamilton

Megan Garbe
Foster Parent

Megan Garbe was born in Indiana. She grew up with people who were similar to her, meaning there was not much diversity where she lived. When she got older she observed somethings that would change her life forever. She started to get into social work as a young adult, adopted two African American children, and she is fostering another baby girl. Her life calling is to work to help caucasian people understand and relate to their African American children.

One main problem between cultures in Columbus is that people are guarded when it comes to topics like this. People tend to feel tense when talking about cultural collisions. She said “ We should be able to accept the ugly truths to get over them, people should not have different opportunities, because of skin color.” This means she believes everything should be equal for everyone. Prejudice is one of the many things our society struggles with, judging by appearance, not talking time to know each other. This is what mainly causes problems between cultures.

A solution to these problems is that we should be empathetic towards one another, we should also work on including people, Megan said, “Right now inclusion matters a lot. The more diverse we are, the more we can talk and face each other even when its hard.. everyone should embrace their color (respectfully). We seem to forget that the more people that love you the better.” We should always be proud to be who we are. We should welcome everyone with an open mind because we aren’t that different.

Mrs. Garbe is a big part of our growing communities and it wouldn’t be the same without her.  She believes people of color should not have to teach white people everything about their culture just because they’re curious, nor should one person stand for the whole group or people. After what she said, I am going to try to spread the word, I will speak up when I see something that shouldn’t be happening. I believe that if we are the future and we are seeing this and think it is okay, our future doesn’t look too bright. Right now we need to be informed on topics such as cultural collisions, because the way our society is now, isn’t the best it could be.