Marshall Shorts
By Celeste Johnson

Marshall Shorts
Designer & Strategist, Artfluential

Marshall Shorts is from Cleveland. He went to the Columbus College of Art and Design to create interesting and engaging logos for businesses. He has returned to his alma mater as an adjunct professor. Marshall Shorts interacts with various cultures in many different ways. He learns about people’s history and backgrounds. and advocates for artists, students, and black entrepreneurs. “Being a black entrepreneur I have to learn about their history or background. Most importantly they have to give me respect.”

Being black and young, Marshall Shorts ran into a lot of police officers because he looked or dressed a certain way. He said he wants to “make sure people with color have an opportunity to be a artist, or a chef and even other things”. He thinks most people from different countries or states judge Columbus. He also said “Columbus has a lot of talent”.  He brought up that another problem is that Columbus is very segregated by race and jobs, even by the sides of the towns.

Marshall Shorts think that the communities in Columbus need more events from different backgrounds to come together. Schools need more programs for the different cultures all together in one room. We should all work to bring the communities together.  Marshall Short told me “don’t believe what everyone says,” and “don’t judge by the way they look and let everyone have a chance to form their own opinion.”We also need to talk about violence. Violence is so harsh right now. People are out here killing people families and their still walking around here with freedom. We need to work together to make all things right. We can work together by talking to others that’s not like us.”

             Marshall Shorts has a lot to say about bridging gaps in Columbus. He is a Columbus resource and advocates for artists, students, and black entrepreneurs. We should follow his example to work together and talk together, so that maybe we can live together.