Mark Hatch
By Julian Kay

Mark Hatch
President, Hatch Strategies LLC

Mark Hatch advises government campaigns for a living. He was born in Ohio and moved to Columbus for a degree in political science. He thinks that the main problem in Columbus culture is people not being able to come out of their comfort zones to have courageous conversations. This is a big problem from his point of view because it prevents people from forming new opinions. His work contributes to making Columbus a better community because he’s working hard to get good people into government positions. He is a great man because he is making the city better by getting people into good positions of power to make good changes. I also think he is a very good man because he is very culturally sensitive and knows how to find good solutions to cultural problems. He’s awesome at having good conversations and can communicate his views with ease. I think he’s working very hard to bring what he thinks is right to Columbus.

Mark Hatch says, “The main problems in cultures colliding are people not being able to come out of their comfort zones.” He thinks that to have cultural unity and bridge cultural gaps, people need to put themselves in uncomfortable positions to get to know other cultures better. When people do not come out of their comfort zones it’s hard to form any opinions other than their own.

To solve this problem, Mark Hatch says, “We need to hire people into governmental positions who come wanting to help people.’’ This is important because if we can have people who want to help it’ll be so much easier to help people in need.

                            One of the main things that struck me that he said is, “Don’t judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes.’’ He thinks this is important because if we judge people before we know what they’ve been through then it’s so much harder to come out of our comfort zones.

                      Mark’s thought is that all of the young people need to start working to bridge cultural gaps now. He says, “Don’t wait to grow up, start now.’’ He says that we need to be the ones to change the direction of this generation. This really struck me and inspired me because usually people will say to let the grownups do it but Mr. Hatch really believes that we can make a change. I think Mark Hatch is a very good man who is making to right choices to improve our culture. He is very good at communicating his views in sensitive ways.