Kenny Sipes
By Amara Brown

Kenny Sipes is the owner of Roosevelt Coffeehouse. He is running a non-profit coffeehouse that was founded to fight injustice and he helped with our research for When Cultures Collide in our Columbus community. Kenny makes our community better by welcoming everyone in, whether they are different from him or not. Kenny loves to talk with people about how to make a worthwhile change and to teach others more about our community.

Kenny thinks that kids like us, or youth groups , will make cultural collisions better. Because we are younger, our ideas have not been as set in stone and we have new and different ideas.  Kenny also thinks if you are willing to do more to make others happy, you will be happier in the end. If we agree that we need to make our community better, and are willing to work with different ethnic groups of people, it’d be amazing to see what we could do.  In neighborhoods around Columbus, Kenny has noticed that there are all white areas, Muslim areas or an all-Black areas . This is an problem. I wonder why groups have been separated this way and what we can do to bring people together?

One solution that Kenny has is to donate money to people in need. In fact, that’s why he built the Roosevelt Coffeehouse.  Some things that he has donated are food, water, and money to people who have been abused by human trafficking and other injustices.  He does not want to see anyone starve to death or not be able to eat. I think what Mr.Sipes is doing to help is great. Now, it’s our time to do something and share our experiences with the community.  If all different people are willing to work together and listen, we will prevent people from starving and we can bring communities together.

Mr. Sipes emphasized that we all need to cooperate with each other to get things done in order to help others. We all need to act. Whether we donate items, speak up for what’s right or we something as simple as talking to people that we aren’t familiar with. We can use platforms like social media and the news to spread the word. That way we can publically start letting people know what we need to see in our life. Speak up today to make a change!

         Kenny Sipes started his business to bring awareness to issues of hunger and human tracking. I’m not ready to start my own business yet, but one thing that I will to contribute to help this situation is to listen to others. If someone is having an issue, I can help them to feel heard and be willing to work with people that are different than me. If everyone can start now and work together to make a change, we can have a better world.

            Kenny Sipes is a great person, imagine if we did not have the Roosevelt Coffeehouse, how would our community be without it? How would we know what to do if we did not have a person to depend on or take suggestions on how to improve? Mr.Sipes has a great personality and I feel like he has to have a lot of practice and patience to talk to and cooperate with people that he does not know.