Kadrian Hinton
By Christopher Todd

Kadrian Hinton
Member of OSU InterVarsity

Kadrian Hinton is an Ohio State 2016 graduate and now is a campus minister who likes music, books, using her voice to make a difference. She thinks we do not listen to each other in the community and that’s why she’s decided to help different cultures by gathering them together and leading them closer to God. She is doing a good thing for our community and should be honored because she is helping limit the violence and to have conversations with people by talking to them. When she went to OSU, I asked if she has been bullied and she told me she was bullied because of the clothes she was wearing and I think that is a big part of cultures colliding because  people are being bullied by another culture.                                                                 The people that I asked for the solutions to these problems all agreed on the same thing, we do not listen to what other people have to say. We need to have good communication and respect for all people. Everyone needs to be willing to sit down and talk to another person, and even if you do not agree with what they are saying you still need to have respect towards the person you are speaking to.

What I think we should do is to have a sit down coversation in our community and just talk. We should get people’s input on how we can have courageous conversations in our community with different cultures and see what other people think.

In conclusion, I think Kadrian Hinton is doing a lot for our community and should be honored and respected because she is a campus minister and a valued person to our society. The next time you are trying to learn someone else’s culture, just talk to them.