Josy Kishore
By Isaiah Wills-Jackson

Josy Kishore
OSU student

Josy Kishore was born in Indian, and moved to Minnesota before 2011. She struggled to learn the ways and rules of the United State. She spent the next few years moving around the country, from places like New Jersey than Ohio. A common stereotype about people from India is they are supposed to be a engineer or scientist. With her sister being a scientist, Josy felt pressure from home to follow in her sister’s footsteps. When she went to college though, Josy found out that she didn’t want to be a engineer but wanted to become a teacher.  Each time she talk about the next generation.

People always have their opinions about other cultures. We speak and make the other cultures like they are of lesser value than our own culture. My question is, why do we do that? Why can’t we get along? For example, Americans stereotype all Indians as being Hindu or Muslim. We can’t say our own culture is the best and put other cultures down even though everyone is created equal and unique. Why can’t we acknowledge that all cultures bring a unique story and historical background to a country that is supposed to welcome all people no matter race, religion, culture, language, gender, sexuality.

To solve this problem, we should talk. We should ask people why they came to our country. We should help them feel at home because they just left the place they knew as home to come to a new country. We should help them learn the laws and what you can and can not do here socially and physically.

While the new cultures move in, we should greet them and teach them how society works here in the United States. We shouldn’t focus on what other people say about one another based on appearances or stereotypes that we have heard about others. We should judge one another by how they treat others and who they are.