Jacob Manser
by Sofia Rehouma

Jacob Manser
Leadership Chair, LGBT Vote Director
HOBY Ohio South

People can make differences every day. From a complement, to a smile they can change everything. But problems we see, everyday people cry, people hurt, but one person I believed made a change was a man named Jacob Manser. Jacob is an activist. He saw problems and wanted to do something about it.

  Jacob is gay and says it is difficult for him to fit in, one example of where cultures collided. Non-gay people think they’re different so they were considered different and weird, but Jacob was like everyone else. What tends to happen is people who are “different” are left out and that’s actually what Jacob said,  because he was discluded on things because of his personality. Jacob is so special because he fought for what’s right. I believe this man made a change in not himself but others.

Jacob was supportive and supported. Jacob admitted being gay is difficult. He said, “Growing up gay was hard at times because I played sports and hunting which was a lot of manly things,” but also agreed ,“ In central Ohio we have many different races and people who tend to be different are mostly excluded.”

I agreed with Jacob when he said, “In Central Ohio,  we have many different races, and people who tend to be different are mostly excluded,” because isn’t that why we have all of these marches for rights? And some of our neighborhoods tend to be divided, like Whites in this area, Asians in this area, and so on. I like Jacob’s topic because it relates to everyone.  I’m not saying we are all gay, but I’m saying we are all different and we can’t change that.

  In this project, I have learned so much about others, and specifically Jacob Manser. I believe he’s made a difference and maybe not as big as Obama, or Abraham Lincoln, but he was just like everyone else, but what he had to deal with is what made the difference and how he supported others is what can make a difference. So, being a part of the LGBT community won’t change others its what you do about that can change millions.