Doug Rutledge
By Ky-Mani Richards

Doug Rutledge
Author, The Somali Diaspora

Doug Rutledge dedicates his time to helping refugees in the community. He has helped them by providing resources to refugees that allow them to find jobs. He also produced a documentary about Somali refugees. In addition, he advocates for treating all refugees respectfully. Mr. Rutledge says,”If you wanted to talk to someone from a different culture, you talk to them with respect.”

One of the problems Mr. Rutledge sees in Columbus is that people talk to other cultures rudely. People from different cultures disagree with each other because they don’t take the time to understand one another. Mr. Rutledge believes cultures get along better now than in the past.

In order to solve these problems, Mr. Rutledge said If you want to talk to someone from a different culture, talk to them with respect. You should talk about what you agree on first, then discuss any disagreements you may have. Mr. Rutledge also said having a conversation with another person from a different culture is easy because our community is represented by many cultures. Take the time out of your day to strike up a conversation with somebody new. If everyone participated, they would learn to be more understanding of others.