Bill Owens
By Treasure Allen

Bill Owens
Executive Director, Clintonville-Beechwold Community Center

Bill Owens is the executive director of the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources center. The center provides food resources, transportation and other services for people in need in the Clintonville area. In 2014, Owens was awarded the Columbus CEO of the year for his hard work in supporting people in the Columbus community. As a side mission, Bill is working against  gun violence to improve cultures colliding in our community. He thinks reducing gun violence is a problem because people fear each other and have conflict instead of working to understand other people. He says this is a big problem and I’m going to explain why.

Mr.Owens thinks that the main reason conflict exists in our community is that people have “Xenophobia.” Xenophobia is when people are scared of others from different places and different countries. He says that this is what causes gun violence, because too many people fear each other. He says that people are using guns as a deadly weapons because they feel “extra safe.” When we aren’t working to understand other cultures, it is easy to have a moment of fear and pull the gun out to shoot. Thats why its our job to help these people (who have Xenophobia and who doesn’t have it) to understand they don’t need to use guns there can be ways to solve a problem.

I agree with Mr.Owens’ idea to try and stop this. He says we should not  judge based off what we think we know about a person. Just because you have or had or heard about conflict with another type of religion or culture doesn’t mean that you know that person specifically. Not all people are the same. Another way to solve this problem  is that you can have a little get together in your neighborhood or have a community gathering to help out with something like a food pantry. Having people from different backgrounds join together to support a common cause brings a sense of unity. That way the people who fear others will see that there is nothing to fear.

In conclusion, I feel like we should get to know people as individuals before making judgements. People have to stop resorting to guns and people need to understand there’s nothing to fear about people who are different. As a person I can do what i can do but and as a whole we can do much more. Please help me and Mr. Owens fix this problem. Together we can stop gun violence.