Wahru Cleveland
By Thomas Brown

Wahru Cleveland
Founder of Sistah Ngoma

Wahru Cleveland teaches a drum class to all types of cultures and religions to bridge the gaps between cultures. She is a 72 year old African American women who was once a science teacher. She moved to go to college, but ran out of money to reach her dream of getting a PHD. She also had a lot of racial problems get in the way of learning. Wahru is a respectable person. She stood up for women’s rights and for what’s right. She stands up for what she thinks is right.

Wahru Cleveland thinks that the biggest problems in our culture are that when we listen, we don’t ask questions to build our knowledge of other cultures. She also says we assume things about other cultures. We don’t listen to people of other cultures because we are scared and frightened of them. When we are confused about a culture, we don’t ask them what we want to know to build understanding. She also stated that one of the worst things we do is that we assume things about them and then we think untrue things about them.

Wahru Cleveland thinks that to stop doing bad things to other cultures because of their culture, we need to start with three things. One of those things is listen, just listen., listen to what everyone has to say. Next, ask questions when we need or want to know something about others or their culture. Finally, we need to stop assuming things of and about other cultures.

I agree with Wahru Cleveland’s advice about how to solve problems in our community. I am going to do everything that she said. I will listen to what everyone has to say. I will ask questions if I need clarification on something. I want to know a little bit about everyone’s culture so I don’t worry about making stereotypes and not assume things. I think all people in the world need to do this, and not just me.

In conclusion, I think we all need to have courageous conversations, like Wahru, about different cultures. I know that I’m not alone in this, and you can help too. Wahru Cleveland should be respected because she stands up for what’s right. She stands for women’s rights and Black people’s rights.