Angela Stoller-Zervas
By Faith Miller

Angela Stoller-Zervas
Director of Family Center Programs
YWCA Columbus

Angela Stoller-Zervas was born in Indiana, and she grew up around people who were similar to her. She works in the Columbus community and helps people who are homeless and in need. Angela serves the community as a GEMS board member and as director of Family Center Programs at YWCA Columbus. She is a licensed social worker in the state of Ohio and was a 2012 alumni hall of fame recipient of the The Ohio State University’s College of Social Work.

Angela thinks a problem with the Columbus culture is that people are unwilling to face the hard truth about what’s going on. She thinks the problem is that people are scared to help others, and if they continue to be scared to help others then we won’t be able to get anywhere as a society.

Angela Stoller-Zervas goes out into the community and finds people who are homeless and in bad situations, then takes them to the shelters to help get them on their feet. This is one way we can help change things like this and makes sure there are less people going through tough times like those.

In conclusion, we need to learn to help people that are homeless or those who are in need of help. Even though it may seem like it is not making a difference, it really is. We need to show everyone that they are important and that they do matter in our community, no matter who they are.