Andy Saperstein
By Andy Nosouvanh

Andy Saperstein
Pastor, Vineyard Vines Columbus

Andy Saperstein is a pastor at Community Life Team from Vineyard Columbus. Mr. Saperstein works in the community to bring light to issues of culture, racial diversity, and inclusion.  He has three pieces of advice that he feels can help bridge the gap between cultures: “don’t wait , go for it , and talk little but ask a lot.”

Andy faced racism as a young man and now is dedicated to fighting it. Growing up, Andy and his family traveled a lot. He moved 3-4 times when he was little like 3 or 4 ad he still enjoys traveling as an adult. Through his travels, Andy has met many kinds of people. He believes you should always try to talk to new people even if you don’t know them. You should try to make people feel comfortable like in school for example. Try to make new friends by sitting next to a new person at lunch and begin by asking them questions about themselves. By doing so, you can start to meet new people and understand more about their own life and culture.

Another good idea would be to go up to someone who may not have as many friends and take the time to talk and get to know them. This can build trust between you and help them learn to trust others. It can benefit the community because less people will be afraid to talk to others and ask questions. This can bridge the gap between cultures.